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Veronica & Jermaine

AUGUST 13, 2022

Chesapeake, VA

"We are so excited you will be joining us for this glorious occasion''


They met at Oscar Smith high school. As fate would have it, their first encounter was by mistake. Veronica, who was under the impression that Jermaine was his twin brother, whom she was in a class with, hit Jermaine in the chest with her purse while he was walking down the hallway. Jermaine was confused by this random interaction and he became intrigued by the cute curvy girl with the spike ponytail. Later on, Jermaine found out that Veronica had shared a class with his twin brother and she thought that He was his twin. Again as fate would have it the next semester I and Veronica ended up in the same cooking class. She was fresh from New York and brought the  “Brooklyn” spirit with her. A Bold, Loud, Goofy, curvy, trash talker. He was definitely interested. Needless to say that the Ice had already been broken because of the purse encounter. They laughed and goofed around in class and Jermaine developed fondnesses for her but never acted on it. Several years had passed after high school, Facebook appeared on the scene. They eventually befriend each other on Facebook. This was Jermaine’s second chance! And he wasn’t going to miss it. He would like a pic here and there or maybe send a “hey, how you been?” message, so he wouldn’t appear “ thirsty”. One day he went for his shot via Facebook messenger and got the number! Eventually, they met up and the chemistry was amazing. After some time, Jermaine met Zaniyah who didn’t take to him in the beginning but he eventually won her over. The rest is history. They never knew that it would be the beginning of their fairytale, but God knew. 

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To R.S.V.P please click the link below

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Hotel booking

Delta Marriot, Chesapeake
Discounted rate at $159 per night.
Must book room by July 15, 2022


As for gifts, please, please don't try,

to find the ideal thing to buy.

We have no list of pots and pans,

just hopes, dreams, and honeymoon plans


So before you choose a gift in mind,

A contribution would be kind.

It will help us more than words can say ,

to celebrate our special day.

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